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Raša 2012. Invitation and Competition rules

Invitation and Competition rules


KDP Primorje

Venue,date and time of event:

KOROMAČNO,15 July 2012, START at 10 a.m.

Description and features of the track:

The Swimming Marathon (in further text: Race) is to be held along the 5000 meters and the 2500meters track along the Ubas peninsula. The Start and the Finish of the Race will be at sea in front of the KOROMAČNO beach. The competitors will swim the length of the track up to the first turning buoy, they will reach the second tuning buoy , turn around and continue to swim back up to the third turning buoy until reaching the starting point for 2500m, while the competitors swimming the length of 5000m will repeat  that route two times. To view the track click on Google Maps.


8:30am- Tent/parasole on the road above the beach in Koromačno: Registration of participants

10:00-START of 2500m and 5000m race. It ends 1 hour after the first competitor finishes the race.

12:00 Refreshments(lunch)

13:30 Winner Ceremony



The categories are as follows:



You can register by filling a Registration form online www.kdp-primorje.hr or on the day of the race. The competitor has the right to participate prior to having filled the Registration form at least 30 min before the beginning of the Race.


Registration fee for participants is as follows:

For registration fee received until 12 July 2012 – 70kn

For registration fee received after 12 July 2012 – 90 kn

Kdp Primorje bank account: 2484008-1105746935

Click here for the ENTRY FORM.


During the competition, the automatic disqualification will be caused in cases of:


The Race Commission keeps the right to change and add the above rules of competition.


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