Invitation and regulations

KDP Primorje, PK Novi, Marina Novi and DVD San Marino Novi Vinodolski

Place, date and hour of the event:
Novi Vinodolski- Vrbnik, 29/8/2020
Marina Novi: free parking, registration of participants, start (3000m, 1500m i 100m), finish (10000m, 3000m, 1500m i 100m), lunch and awards.

Description and features of the course of the race:

10.000 m Vrbnik-Novi – 6. Memorijal Veljka Rogošića
The race is in a straight line from Vrbnik (Krk Island) to Novi Vinodolski (mainland). The start in the sea below the parking of the Supec street in Vrbnik, while the finish is in the harbour of Novi Vinodolski.  Each competitor will be accompanied by a boat and it is up to the competitor himself to provide a coach/companion who will be with him/her during the race. Besides accompanying the swimmer, the boatman will also be obliged to refer to the chief referee about any irregularities by the competitors such as leaning on the boat or unsporting behaviour towards other competitor and/or the need of medical aid.
The limit of the race is 210’ after which the swimmer who has not finished competing will have to get aboard the boat unless the Chief referee decides that they continue the race.
The right to compete in this race is reserved to the first 20 swimmers with their estimated results.

3.000 m – 16.Novi Open
The race starts in the sea next to the breakwater of Marina Novi, swims to the southeast along the coast to and around the island of Sv. Marin in a clockwise direction (the islet is bypassed with the left shoulder) and returns along the coast to Marina Novi. The race is held in the bathing area and the competitors are required to wear swimming caps for better supervision. In case of loss or damage of the cap, the swimmer will have to pay the refund of 100kn to the organizer. The swimmers are supervised by the referee from the boat.

The time limit of the race is 90′. If the swimmer is unable to finish the race within the time limit, they will be picked by a boat, unless the Chief referee decides otherwise, permitting the swimmer to continue the race.

1.500 m – 6. Novi Challenge
TThe race starts at the same time as the 3000m race in the sea next to the breakwater of Marina Novi, swimming to the southeast along the coast to and around two buoys in a clockwise direction (bypassed with the left shoulder) and returns along the coast to Marin Novi. The route is the half of the 3.000 m route.

100 m – 6. Novi Junior race
Race for children born in 2008 and younger (allowed to accompany parents or experienced swimmer for children born in 2012 and younger). The start and finish of the race will be in the Marina Novi.

Program and schedule of the event:

8:00 – Registration of the competitors (10.000m) near the marina travel lift
8:30 –  Transfer of the participants (10.000m) by boat to Vrbnik
9:00 – Registration of participants for 3000m, 1000m and 300 m
9:30 – START OF THE RACE VRBNIK-NOVI 6. Memorijal Veljka Rogošića
10:30 – START of the race 3000m 16.Novi Open
10:30 – START of the race 1500m 6. Novi Challenge
12:00 – START of the race 100m 6. Novi Junior Race
12:00- Lunch for the participants: terrace near the swimming pool  Marina Novi
13:30- Award ceremony

The right to participate in the competition:

The event is open to competitors from and outside Croatia, licensed and unlicensed competitors.

Competitors compete at their own risk – acknowledging that with his/her own signature when filling out the application for participation just before the race or with previously sent online entry form. Responsibility is not transferable to the competition organizer. For participants younger than 18 years the application is to be signed by parent / guardian to permit the participation of a minor competitor in the race.
The minors without a parent / guardian will not be allowed to participate in the competition.
The right to compete in the 100m Junior race is reserved to those born in 2005 and younger.


The participation in the competition is to be done by filling an online form on the club website: www.kdp-primorje.hr.

Amount of fees and method of payment:
The fee for the 10.000 m race is 150 kn (20€) , The payment can be done through
IBAN: HR7924840081105746935 up to the 27/8/2020, or 200kn on the race day.
The fee for the 3000 and 1000m race is 80 kn for the payments up to the 27/8/2020, or 100kn on the race day.The payment can be done through
IBAN: HR7924840081105746935, or for payments from abroad through  PayPal payment in favor of the email address: info@kdp-primorje.hr
The fee for the 100m race is 60 kn for the payments up to the 27/8/2020, or 80kn on the race day.

 10000 m
Males and females first three positions
3000 and 1500 m
Males and females first three in the absolute category and based on the handicap system with coefficients for corrected time.
100 m:
Children (2016-2012) for the first 3 places absolutely
– Children (2007-2011) for the first 3 places absolutely

– The organizer of the competition will provide health service .
– During the performance the competitors will be accompanied by boats.
– Competitors, especially children and weaker swimmers are recommended to use swimming buoys that can be provided during registration.
– When performing it is prohibited:
– to take shortcuts
– physical confrontation in the competition (hitting, pulling competitors, etc.)
– standing, resting or any contact with the coast or with lifeboats (with the intention of rest, etc.).
– The organizer has the right to amend the requirements for the competition

– In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the organizers reserve the right to change the venue of 10.000 m race, which will then be swum in 3 laps of 3000m around the Sv Marin island/ or all the races will be transferred within the port of Novi. The organizers also reserve the right change the above propositions and the right to cancel the competition with no refund fee.

Each participant accepts the following conditions:
– the competitor acknowledges that the race is solely on his own responsibility, aware that participation in this race represents a potential danger involving the risk of various types of bodily injury and possible death
– the competitor acknowledges that the organizer is not responsible for any form of damage caused to him by participating in the race, indirectly, directly, isolated or linked, caused by his own negligence and guilt, or negligence and guilt of other competitors or third parties before, during or after the mentioned competition
– the competitor is liable for any form of harm to third parties caused or to which he or she has contributed to his own negligence or guilt
– the competitor is obliged to comply with officially published rules, instructions on safe movement, and conditions of performance issued by the organizer during the competition, and immediately before and afterward, and the instructions of the judges, ranks and persons engaged in the organization of the competition
– the competitor waives the right to claim from the organizer compensation for any form of damage caused by participation in this competition
– for all disputes, the competent court in Rijeka is under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Croatia

Statement on GDPR Responsibility:
A competitor (a parent / guardian for juveniles) under the provisions of the GDPR Ordinance allows the organizer to publicly post the recordings (photos and videos), results and descriptions of this event, which may include his / her name or the name of the information published in the stratagems.

Special measures related to the Corona pandemic:
– online registered swimmers must unsubscribe by e-mail, ie abstain from coming to the competition in case of increased body temperature or any suspicion of infection with COVID-19 virus
– upon arrival, all swimmers will have their temperature checked with an infrared remote thermometer and if it is elevated, they will have to leave the competition area.
– when entering the competition area, it is necessary to disinfect the hands with the installed dispersant.
– It is recommended for competitors to wear protective masks before entering the sea and after leaving, with the obligation to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 m.
– theSTART of the race is out of the water in 3 rows based on the expected pace of swimming:
1st row: <1’20 ” / 100m
2nd row: <1’21 ” – 1’40 ” / 100m
3rd row:> 1’41 ” / 100m