11th Kostrena 14/6/2020: INVITATION

Invitation and Propositions

KDP Primorje and TZO Kostrena

Place, date and time of the event:
Kostrena, 21/06/2020. start at 11:00

Description and characteristics of the tracks of the event:
The event will be held simultaneously in two races: 1,500 m and 3,000 m. The start and finish of both races will be in the water under the restaurant more (Diving Centar); the rotating buoys for both races will be before of the beach Svežanj Google Map – the 3000 m to be swum in two laps, while the 1500 min one lap. The swimming direction is CW (clockwise), so that the red buoys rounds right, and yellow left shoulder.

Program and competition schedule:
9:30 – restaurant More: Participants’ Registration
10:30 – Opening Ceremony
11:00 – Start: 1500 m (time limit 45′) and 3000 m ( time limit is 90′)
12:30 – Lunch for participants
13:30 – Awards Ceremony

The right to participate in the competition:
The races swim for KVARNER PLIVA.
Both events are open to competitors from outside Croatia, licensed and unlicensed competitors, club members for long-distance swimming and swimming clubs, as well as for amateurs.
Each competitor competes at their own risk – acknowledging that with his own signature when filling out the application for participation just before the race or previously sent online entry form. Responsibility is not transferable to the competition organizer. For participants younger than 18 years the application is to be signed by parent/guardian to permit the participation of a minor competitor in the race.
The minors without a parent/guardian will not be allowed to participate in the competition.

The participation in the competition is to be done by REGISTRATION in one of the following ways:
1. By filling an online form on the club website: www.kdp-primorje.hr
2. On the race day
The competitor is eligible to compete after a duly completed application form for a performance at least 30 minutes before the start of the competition.

Amount of fees and method of payment:
The fee for the race is 80 kn for payment submitted until 18.06.2020. on the KDP Primorje account: HR7924840081105746935, or 100 kn on the day of the race.

– MEN absolute and based on coefficient.
– WOMEN absolute and based on coefficient.
– MEN absolute and based on coefficient.
– WOMEN absolute and based on coefficient.
Absolute medal winners will also be awarded prizes by the municipality and Kostrena Tourist Board.

– The organizer of the competition will provide health service and rescuers.
– During the performance, the competitors will be accompanied by boats and rescuers.
– When performing it is prohibited:
– to take shortcuts
– each physical confrontation in the competition (hitting, pulling competitors, etc.)
– standing, resting or any contact with the coast or with lifeboats (with the intention of rest, etc.).
– The organizer has the right to amend the requirements for the competition
– Head of Competition: Marin Pleše

– The course of the race is set alongside the beaches, without any barriers, so the competitors are obliged not to collide with occasional bathers who may interfere with the course.
– In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the organizers reserve the right to change the above proposition and the right to cancel the competition with no refund fee.