Survey: “Perceived economic impact of an OWS event”

Dear Participant,

My name is Iris Spanjol and I am a graduate student at the Russian International Olympic University. As part of my dissertation, I kindly ask You to participate in my survey to help me understand the perceived economic impact of hosting Open Water Swimming events in Croatia. Your answers will be used for this purpose only and the data will stay confidential.

I kindly ask you to reply as soon as possible to the following questions. The survey will take approximately 5 minutes.

*Note: 5 randomly selected domestic respondents and 5 foreigners completing the survey will be rewarded with one free participation at the OWS competition organized by the OWS Club Primorje in 2019.


5. Is the open water swimming (OWS) event the primary purpose of your trip to Croatia?
6. How did you hear about the OWS event?
8. If you stayed in Croatia, what type of accommodation did you use?
9. How much do you estimate you spent during your stay in the country?
10. The following is a list of reasons you may have had for attending the event. You may tick as many reasons as are appropriate. *
12. What other activities did you take part in during the visit? *
13. Did you come alone to the event? *
15. Did you travel with *