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Project Partner 3: Austria
Österreichische Wasserrettung, Landesverband Kärnten / Austrian Water Rescue, National Association of Kärnten (AWR)
PIC: 899894512
The AWR is a non-profit association that has primarily made it its mission to save people from drowning. Volunteers who volunteer risk their own lives during the often dangerous rescue missions to help those in need.
In addition to the concern for the safety of swimmers and water sports participants (e.g. open swimming competitions, sailing regattas, etc.) on the Austrian rivers and lakes the AWR is also active in water rescue in case of floods.
The AWR does not only try to help in emergencies. By training and informing the population, the risk of accidents and drowning while swimming/bathing should be reduced. Therefore, a variety of swimming lessons are offered to teach children and non-swimmers to swim. This is a very important goal of the AWR, as help can also be provided in places where the AWR does not have its own service.
The AWR is also represented internationally, in the International Life Saving Federation (ILS) and the International Life Saving Federation of Europe (ILSE).