Name of event:
KVARNER PLIVA – Swimming marathon Malinska 3000m/1500m/100m

The Tourist Board Malinska, JK Malinska and KDP Primorje

Place, date and time of the event:
Malinska, August 22, 2020  race starts at 11:00 a.m.

Description and characteristics of the course on which the event takes place:
The races on 3000m and 1500m  start in the sea in front of the Maestral beach. The athletes will swim 600m along the buoys for the bathers of beaches Maestral and Haludovo beaches and will turn back in the anti-clockwise direction, passing the buoys with their left arm until the finish line, which will be placed near the starting line in front of Malinska beach. Both 3000m and 1500m races begin at the same time and are on the same course (1 lap for 1500m and 2 laps for 3000m). Swimmers are advised to use swimming caps in order to be more easily distinguished from other bathers.
The participants are monitored by the Chief referee and other judges on the boats.
The 100 m race for children born in 2006 and younger is swum in front of Maestralbeach (parents or experienced adult swimmers are allowed to accompany the children born in 2013 and younger)

The program and competition schedule:
09:30 – Registration of competitors at the beach Maestral
10:45 – end  of registration for 3000m and 1500m
10:50 – Briefing and roll call for the participants
11:00 – START OF THE RACE on 3000m (time limit 90’) and 1500m (time limit 45’) Remark: after the limit has expired the competitors who have not passed the finish line will be considered as bathers.
12: 35 – START Of the CHILDREN’S RACE ON 100m
12:45- lunch (meadow beside the hotel Riva)
13:30- Awards ceremony

The right to participate in the competition:
The race is open to all licensed and unlicensed competitors, from Croatia and abroad.
Each competitor starts at his own responsibility, acknowledging that with his own signature by completing the application just before the race or previously online via the Internet properly completed application. The responsibility is not transferable to the organizers of the competition. For competitors under 18, the application is signed with the declaration by the parent / guardian authorizing the participation of a minor competitor in the race.
Minors without a parent / guardian will NOT be allowed to participate in the competition.

You can register:
Mandatory only online on the web site KDP Primorje
A competitor is eligible to compete after a duly completed application form for participation no later than 15 minutes before the competition.

The amount of fees and method of payment:
The fee for the race for the swimmers on 3000m and 1500m  is 80 kn for payment submitted until 20/08/2020 the IBAN of the club: HR7924840081105746935, or 100kn  for subsequent payment or payments are done shortly before the race. The fee for the Children’s 100m race is 60kn until 20 August, or 80 kn on the race day.

Description of awards:
Medals for the first 3 competitors in the categories:
– Men and women absolute and based on a handicap system with the coefficients used to calculate the corrected time. Absolute winners are not scored in the handicap system.
Every participant on 3000m and 1500m will get a T-shirt and a warm meal.
-CHILDREN: medals for the first 3 absolute boys and girls in the categories born in 2005-2010 and 2011 -and younger.
Every child will get a meal and a gift.

During the race it is prohibited:
– Any physical conflict in the competition (kicking, pulling competitors, etc.)
– Standing, resting, or any contact with the coast, the sea barrier or boat escort
The organizer has the right to amend the requirements for the competition until the start of race

– In the event of unforeseen circumstances the organizer reserves the right to change the propositions ( i.e. in the event of adverse weather conditions or in cases of force majeure, or the inability to ensure safe swimming), the right to cancel the competition without obligation to return the entry fee.

Each participant accepts the following conditions:
– the competitor acknowledges that the race is solely on his own responsibility, aware that participation in this race represents a potential danger involving the risk of various types of bodily injury and possible death
– the competitor acknowledges that the organizer is not responsible for any form of damage caused to him by participating in the race, indirectly, directly, isolated or linked, caused by his own negligence and guilt, or negligence and guilt of other competitors or third parties before, during or after the mentioned competition
– the competitor is liable for any form of harm to third parties caused or to which he or she has contributed to his own negligence or guilt
– the competitor is obliged to comply with officially published rules, instructions on safe movement, and conditions of performance issued by the organizer during the competition, and immediately before and afterwards, and the instructions of the judges, ranks and persons engaged in the organization of the competition
– the competitor waives the right to claim from the organizer compensation for any form of damage caused by participation in this competition
– for all disputes, the competent court in Rijeka is under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Croatia

Statement on GDPR Responsibility:
A competitor (a parent / guardian for juveniles) under the provisions of the GDPR Ordinance allows the organizer to publicly post the recordings (photos and videos), results and descriptions of this event, which may include his / her name or the name of the information published in the stratagems.

Special measures related to the Corona pandemic:
– online registered swimmers must unsubscribe by e-mail, ie abstain from coming to the competition in case of increased body temperature or any suspicion of infection with COVID-19 virus
– upon arrival, all swimmers will have their temperature checked with an infrared remote thermometer and if it is elevated, they will have to leave the competition area.
– when entering the competition area, it is necessary to disinfect the hands with the installed dispersant.
– It is recommended for competitors to wear protective masks before entering the sea and after leaving, with the obligation to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 m.
– theSTART of the race is out of the water in 3 rows based on the expected pace of swimming:
1st row: <1’20 ” / 100m
2nd row: <1’21 ” – 1’40 ” / 100m
3rd row:> 1’41 ” / 100m